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From transmitting data for your computer network to connecting telephones, Geekee takes pride in our quality, neat, and timely installations.

Structured Cabling

Structured network cabling is like the hidden road system for our digital world. It's the organised and standardised way we connect computers, phones, and devices to the internet in offices and buildings. Just like good roads help cars move smoothly, structured cabling ensures that data and information flow reliably between devices.

This cabling system is crucial because it makes our internet connections dependable and efficient. It allows for easy changes and upgrades as technology advances, saving time and money. Plus, it reduces the chances of problems like slow internet or dropped calls.

A Geekee structured network carries a minimum 10-year warranty. 
Our super-friendly team provide businesses and schools with all-inclusive Managed IT support and connectivity. We specialise in cyber security to protect your organisation.
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